Getting wetter, but birds are here!

It looks like we have close to 45% occupancy of the 65 nest boxes at this point!  That’s great news.  We have intentions of adding more boxes in specific areas in an attempt to lure more birds and reduce a killer rat and mutant grasshopper problem.  Though we’ve yet to hold a Golden Swallow, a few have flushed at the last minute from boxes and appear to on the smaller side of the Tachycineta spectrum.  No doubt that in the sunshine, they are extraordinary to watch flying acrobatically around the fields.  The nests, despite access at some locations to high abundances of dried grasses, are almost completely made of a hanging lichen found on most pine trees in the area.

We’d like to give a special shout-out and thanks to Robert Ortiz, Simon Guerrero, and Jesus Almonthe for all of their help over the past few weeks.  Furthermore, a solid hand-shake to Jim Goetz, Jason Townsend, and Eduardo E. Inigo-Elias for getting us off the ground on the US side.  Lastly, we owe our time here to the Florida Ornithological Society (FOS), the MacArthur Foundation, and IDEA WILD.  Thank you.

Short on time but more to come soon!

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