100 New Boxes in Valle Nuevo!



After receiving a generous grant from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s Athena Foundation, I began planning a two week trip down to Parque Valle Nuevo that would focus on expanding our Golden Swallow nest box network throughout the park.  Accompanied by my friend and colleague, Tim Salzman, we brought the effort to fruition and managed to accomplish more than I could have ever hoped for. A special thanks to Maria and Rafael from Valiente Fernandez in Santo Domingo for their donation of wood and metal posts to the Golden Swallow Project.  Furthermore, to Jose Delio for his guidance and allowing us to use his bamboo workshop and tools, to Jonathon for his carpentry expertise, to Milagros and Tomas for the vehicle, to Tomacito and Victor for their stamina in the field, and to Eladio Fernandez for continuing to connect us with great people. 100 boxes have been successfully built and erected throughout the Parque Valle Nuevo study site, all of which are at head-height and attached to metal posts, allowing for more efficient monitoring while deterring predation by invasive rats.   Some boxes are essentially replacing older, deteriorating boxes, while others occupy new locations in hopes of targeting additional returning swallows. Looking forward to heading back in the latter half of April! – Justin


IMG_6003_2 IMG_5928 IMG_5833 IMG_5815
boxes complete IMG_6348 IMG_6416 IMG_6454 IMG_6543


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