Wetter and Wetter

The rainy season is here, but so is our new Dominican intern, Hodali Almonte, and we’re extremely excited to have her around.  She’s just in time to help us count down the final days of incubation after which the work will really begin, as we set out to capture, measure, and band all of the adults.  Here’s a note from Hodali about some of her past experiences:

Hola amigos de la Golondrina Verde!

Mi nombre es Hodali Almonte, tengo una licenciatura en Ciencias Biológicas.  Estudié en la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD).  Actualmente trabajo para el Museo Nacional de Historia Natural Prof. Eugenio de Jesús Marcano, como curadora de la colección de aves e investigadora del departamento de Investigación y Conservación.  En lo que se refiere a mi experiencia con las aves empecé a  involucrarme en el estudio de este grupo hace cinco años. He trabajado como colaboradora en varios proyectos tales como el proyecto de  conservación del Zorzal de Bicknellˊs y sus hábitats en el sur y noroeste de la República Dominicana, específicamente en la Sierra de Bahoruco y en la Reserva Científica Loma Guaconejo.  Además participé como voluntaria en el proyecto Aves ribereñas y Calidad de su hábitat: Parkesia motacilla. Durante el tiempo que participé en dicho proyecto estudié el comportamiento de forrajeo y calidad de los ecosistemas utilizados por esta especie.  Igualmente, he participado en otros  proyectos, entre ellos: “Caracterización de los humedales del Lago Enriquillo”, donde fui asistente de campo en el año, así como en el levantamiento de información de la fauna del Hoyo de Pelempito.

With respect to the Golondrina Verde, we’re learning more than ever, and really focusing on filling in all of the gaps from last year.  We will be paying extra close attention to plumage between fledglings, SY males and females, as well as ASY males and females.  Furthermore, we’re prepared to spend more time and energy on trapping adult males as well as documenting chick growth on a daily basis.

Before picking up Hodali in Santo Domingo, we had the pleasure of being invited by members of the Peregrine Fund to spend a day with them in Los Limones, inside Los Haitises National Park, where they have been studying the extremely endangered Ridgway’s Hawk for more years than they can remember.  Thanks to Thomas and Christine for an awesome time and the rare experience of seeing such a beautiful bird in the wild.  And a further note of gratitude to all the members of their team for dedicating so much of their time to protecting the Ridgeway’s Hawk.

Some of our recent bird sightings (pictures below) include the Yellow-faced Grassquit, the Smooth-billed Ani, the Hispaniolan Crossbills, the Killdeer, and the Narrow-billed Tody.



Ridgway’s Hawk


Narrow-billed Tody


Smooth-billed Ani


Hispaniolan Crossbills


Marisol, Hodali, and Justin


The Visitor Center, Parque Valle Nuevo

3 pensamientos en “Wetter and Wetter

  1. Bill Proctor

    Enjoyed the pics and update Jus. Love POPS

    Mi nombre es Hodali Almonte, tengo una licenciatura en Ciencias Biológicas. Estudié

  2. Christine Deegear Hayes

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for the visit and glad to hear you got back safe! We sure missed you after you left Los Limones (especially Ester). Hopefully we will be able to see you both again soon. You are always welcome to visit wherever we are. Here’s to the rest of the 2013 field season, Good Luck!

  3. Catherine

    Crossbills have crossed bills?!? I love it. If I ever see one in person, they might even make it on “my favorite birds list” after plovers. Goodness, I love Plovers. Just thinking about plovers makes me smile. Sounds like y’all are having a successful season! And the photos have been amazing! Much love to you both.



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