Recent Highlights

It was a busy final few weeks up in Valle Nuevo and we’re sorry for the delay in updates.  The chicks are all fledging which means our field season is mostly over.  We had the pleasure of wrapping things up with the help of a zoology student, Lucie Guirkinger, who is currently beginning her undergraduate degree in London.

We’re currently working on a publication with all the facts you’ll ever need about the GOSW in Valle Nuevo, but until then, here are a few highlights from this field season:

– 4 new nest box sites established

– more than 100 new boxes erected on poles

– predator guards added to all active boxes

– highest nesting pair recorded in Pajon Blanco, at 2,632m above sea level

– 58 Adults were captured, 39 of which were females and 19 of which were males; of those 58, 26 were recaptures (24 females and 2 males) and the other 32 were newly banded

– 22 of 24 females remained loyal to site and 11 of those females were found nesting in the same box as they had used in 2012

– 98 chicks were banded

– plumage identification pictures were taken of all captured adults, confirming that males exhibit a solid white chest while females are spotted to various degrees; fledglings have an almost complete chest band of spotting

– bolus samples were collected from both male and female adults in the act of provisioning chicks – samples will be analyzed by students in the entomology department of the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo

– natural nests were found

– 2 students successfully interned with the GOSW Project

– presentations were given throughout the National Park to tourists, parkguards, military, educators, local community members, and local school children

– the communities of Constanza and Castillo are becoming much more active in the project

– nest boxes on posts with predator guards are being erected in the Acetillar region of the Sierra de Bahoruco mountain range


GOSW Chick showing breast band


Female incubating with large katydid species present


New predator guards


Marisol and Lucie measuring chicks


A morning of outreach with the children of Castillo – thank you Jose Guzman!


Initiating a nestbox monitoring program in Castillo


New nestboxes!


So much to learn from a little chick


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