It’s been a busy summer

Moving right along up here in Valle Nuevo.  The learning curve is peaking, and we’re bringing home more information on this bird than I thought would be possible in the time we had.

The 2013 Field Season Report has been translated to Spanish and will be uploaded in the near future.

Stay tuned for a full update.  In the meantime, take a look at what we’ve been enjoying.  Piles of chicks, better weather, and a closer look at the enemy amongst us.


Day 22 chicks.  Our Golden Swallows fledge after 25-27 days in the box.



Large Diptera blooms are composing nearly 75% of the Golden Swallow diet this time of year.




Watching the chicks grow before they ever leave the egg. 



Golden Swallows in flight and perched 

flight and perched



Solid progress in the local community of El Castillo, where we now have a team trained to build, erect, and monitor nest-boxes.



Justin, Marisol, Silvia, Mildred, Moreno, and Milagros standing on top of Alto Bandera, the highest point in Parque Valle Nuevo, where we now have 3 nest-boxes at 2,850 masl.





We’re busy trapping everything that falls into the ‘introduced mammal’ category.  Mongoose and rats so far, but that’s not to say that domestic and wild cats aren’t a serious threat as well.  Further identification of all the species we catch will be published this Fall.



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